Lady GAGA To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show


LOVE THIS CHOICE, anyone who hates on GAGA is a fucking pickle and I do not wanna hear it. Gaga, at her prime was a MONSTER hit machine and I kinda like the fact that she went off the rails and hung out for awhile and chilled cause it means she was a normal person and not some LA douche. The reason I love Gaga is because she can fucking belt it out vocally and she is going to come out with some ridiculous outfit and I fucking love it. I hope she comes out wearing like one Pepsi can on each eye and that is it completely naked down below Winnie The Pooh style. When Gaga exploded on to the scene she was huge and she had a murderer’s row of smash hits and even in 2013 when she dropped Artpop I was still all in. Here are my top 3 Gaga songs.

3. Applause

2. Bad Romance

  1. Paparazzi


Steven Avery Finally Speaks & He Thinks Brad Pitt Should Play Him In A Movie

  • Steven Avery, 54, is serving a life sentence for murder of Teresa Halbach
  • Avery has given his first broadcast interview since Netflix hit to Dr Phil
  • He met fiancée Lynn Hartman in person for the first time two weeks ago, the couple started writing to each other and talking on the phone earlier this year-DailyMail

AHHHHH Making A Murderer! The show where the innocent guy is the only person on earth who could of possibly done the murder but the public opinion detectives decided he was innocent even though all the evidence was against him. But him killing some innocent girl is not the story here, the story is that he legitimately told Dr. Phil that he wants Brad Pitt to play him. WHAT THE FUCK, Stevie Avery coming from the clouds with the most preposterous statement ever and guess what? I fucking respect the fuck out of it. No wonder Steve has already found love, he is the cockiest son of a bitch on earth just letting his balls drag all over the ground just like Brad Pitt does. The real question is, who would honestly play Steven Avery and then I realized this role was made for one person and one person only and its  a shame he isn’t alive to fulfill his destiny.


Philip Seymour Hoffman.jpg


Donald Trump Addresses “Miss Piggy”


  • Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?’ Trump tweeted
  • ‘Hillary was set up by a con,’ he said of the former Miss Universe
    Clinton cited Machado as evidence of Trump’s sexism at the end of Monday night’s presidential debate
  • She was filmed having sex with a fellow contestant during a 2005 reality TV show in Spain
  • Also accused of driving a getaway car following an attempted murder, and threatening to kill the judge who indicted her boyfriend for the shooting-DailyMail

So when Hillary mentioned the miss piggy quote during the debates a lot of people were outraged by the fact that Donald would mock a girls weight so severely. Then as the days wore on, people started to research Alicia Machado and then it became more and more clear that she was just like Missy Piggy. It turns out Alicia Machado did anal porn in the 2000s and she was an accomplice to murder but Donald Trump calling her fat was a way bigger deal I guess. So now Donald comes from the CLOUDS tweeting shit like Kanye exposing Hillary Clinton’s fraudulence. Now, my question is if a woman has an anal sextape is she a human? And If she has been an accomplice to murder is she a human? I think there are certain things that you lose your human card for and here is the list of offenses where you lose you’re right to be a human.

  1. Terrorist-If you blow up shit you’re out.
  2. Sextape-If you blow dudes on camera you’re out.
  3. Murder- If you end someones life you’re out.
  4. Strip/Prostitution-If you blow dudes and get paid you’re out.
  5. Rape-If you blow dudes and they don’t want to be blown, you’re out.

Alicia Machado has 2 of 4 qualifications to lose her human card and that is enough for her to officially be Miss Piggy.


Rex Ryan Pretending To Be A Reporter Is Exactly Why I Miss/Hate Rex Ryan

"Walt Patulski" brought a hard-hitting question today for Julian Edelman from the Bills media room. 😂

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Fuck do I miss Rex, His fat ass just barging into a media conference call with Julian Edelman and pretending to be Walt Patulski like its no fucking big deal is AMAZING. But this also proves that Rex hasn’t learned a damn thing since his time as Jets coach and as much as I love this move I would fucking hate it if I was a Bills fan. You know who doesn’t do stuff like this? Every successful sports coach ever. As much fun as he’s having and for how funny Rex is, he doesn’t match it with hard work and discipline. I would never in my life want to see Rex or Walt Patulski coach my football team again and its because my heart cannot take the weekly 12 men on the field penalty or use all timeouts and challenges with only 10 minutes left in the third quarter. Rex is like an ex girlfriend, you love him from afar and you love watching him hurt someone else for once.


Tecate Mocks Trump With Wall Commercial

Just fantastic self aware marketing here by Tecate and I am honestly stunned Corona hasn’t already done this. This wall thing is so typical Trump because its a preposterous thought but guess what? Just like everything Trump does its become a phenomenon and there is nothing that will stop this. But the scary thing is, I think people really really really expect this wall now, so if Donald gets in the Oval Office he better begin working on that wall ASAP or people are gonna be pissed. One thing I never understood is why Beer companies can get away with anything marketing wise even though our society is more sensitive than ever. If Hillary made a commercial of her mocking the wall like this people would lose it and be outraged, but since this is a beer company its all good. Its proof that alcohol really does make everything better.

Guy Gets His Dick Bitten By A Spider For The Second Time This Year


  • The two-time loser, known only as “Jordan,” was bitten Tuesday while sitting on a port-a-potty at a worksite in Sydney, according to the BBC.
  • It marked the first time he had used a portable toilet since April 27 when he was ― yes, you guessed it! ― bitten on his penis by a poisonous spider.
  • “I was sitting on the toilet doing my business and just felt the sting that I felt the first time,” Jordan told the BBC. “I was like ‘I can’t believe it’s happened again.’ I looked down and I’ve seen a few little legs come from around the rim.”-HuffingtonPost

This is so Australian right? Like people in America get their penis bitten all the time by like animals and people but to get it bitten twice means you’re either in Florida or Australia. After reading this, I feel like spiders are everywhere and there is nothing we can do about it especially if you believe the story that you swallow like 9 spiders a year while you sleep too. As for the dick eating spider thing what is the right play for this guy? If I am him, I wait it out and stop peeing for awhile take a break and get mentally right, just go get a catheter and then you can get workers comp and not have to work for awhile. Kinda like when a QB throws like 10 picks in 3 games and he just needs a mental break and thats all. Do you think In Sydney they even care about injuries? Like I feel like in Australia if I was shot and bleeding out some guy with a shaved head would be like “Ok Mate Don’t Be A Wallaby, Suck It Up & Drink A Foster’s”.


Cowboy’s Cheerleader Has A WILD Big Toe


I have looked at this pic over and over again and I still do not really get what is going on here. This big toe is the big toe to end all big toes, it is on its own little island out there and I don’t think gravity even applies to that big toe like its just floating out there in orbit. A gross toe can absolutely ruin any human being whatsoever including a smokeshow like this cheerleader. It almost looks like she was born with 6 toes and then the second big toe was removed because it was just too much to bear. I once knew a girl who had the nastiest most beat up feet ever and I legit just couldn’t get those dogs out of my head and it eventually mind fucked me so bad that I had to ghost the whole situation. Now, that girl was cute but not gorgeous like this one so obviously a toe situation on a smoke is a little different but still. There should be some sort of checklist that all people need to complete, like we need to figure out body odor issues, toe problems and all personal hygiene before you should be allowed to go out in public.

Guy Pays 26K To Look Like David Beckham

I really can’t completely hate on this move because when you look like a foot like myself you really gotta try to make lemonade with whatever you got and if that means spending 20k+ on looking better than go for it. But what I have a problem with is the guy he chose to emulate, you cannot try to look like the king of handsome David Beckham it is pure blasphemy. The other problem I have with this douchebag is the money he is willing to spend, 20K will not get you to Beckham handsome, that is just not reasonable because if it were possible every ugly guy on earth including myself would have done this years ago. 20K will get me to look like fucking Jon Favreau, now if you wanna get David Beckham looks you need to drop atleast a couple million end of story. Looking at this guy he should of tried to look like James Corden, A funny, charismatic guy who people love and for 26K they probably could of gotten him close but as usual people aren’t self aware and shoot themselves in the foot while shooting for the stars.

So yeah I guess I do hate him..FUCK THIS GUY.

Gorgeous Muslim Girl Wearing Hijab Featured In Playboy


  • Noor Tagouri, a Libyan American journalist, appears in the October issue
  • Reporter dreams of being first hijab-wearing anchor on national US TV
  • Has campaigned online and in a TED Talk to encourage others to embrace their identities and pursue their dreams
  • Playboy picked her as one of their 2016 Renegades about rule breakers
  • Tagouri’s spread has received backlash but she says she ignores critics-DailyMail

This girl is fucking beautiful but I do not get how people freak out about anything that is in Playboy now. Playboy doesn’t have its fastball anymore, its the Bartolo Colon of magazines, it doesn’t have the nudity and now it relies on deception and wit to move the needle. This Libyan girl is super pretty but I do not get one thing about the hijab, why do young girls wear them? I researched what a hijab is, and I guess it is to signify that this woman is sanctified by one man. So isn’t that kinda fucked up? Like to treat your woman as property and to cover her up like that, ok so lets say you’re into it and you’re 22 years old like this girl if she is single why is she wearing it? Cause she isn’t sanctified by one man, fuck I think I just made my mind explode, I need clarity cause I obviously do not get how this whole Hijab thing works. Every time I see a hijab, I still think of the Curb when LD tries to figure out how a completely covered Muslim woman eats french fries. Does she pull the whole thing down and leave it for after the fry session or does she pull down and pull up with each fry?


Tom Hanks Photobombs A Wedding In Central Park


Is Tom Hanks moving into that Bill Murray category? Cause if he is, that is SHOCKING NEWS. I always felt that Tom Hanks was a stiff but for a couple years he is always surprised me with his ability to be a normal dude and to just try to be as humble as possible. Like do you think Brad Pitt would ever stop and muck it up with us simple folk? Not a chance  Him and Leo would walk right by this couple and go fuck 4 Latvian models down at the Soho House and they’d probably steal one of these wedding photographers cameras to take pics during the orgy. Not Hank’s though, he is in that perfect part of life that he can toe the line between superstar and just old dude having fun and he could probably still goto Soho House and just crush pussy at any time cause he is Forrest Gump and you’re not.

PS: Favorite Tom Hanks Movie is Turner & Hooch and it is not debatable.