Bill Cosby Calls Sex “Sex Play” And That Needs To Catch On


So Bill Cosby is obviously the worst raper on earth and he needs to be in jail forever but as I have watched the coverage the story has received I have noticed that several people have quoted Cosby calling sex “Sex Play” and I fucking love it. Like say what you want about Cosby being a scumbag but this sex play thing is great. Kinda like when the word “cool” got hot, like everyone kinda knew like hmmmm this is a mt rushmore word cause it describes everything and that is the potential that Sex Play has. I know there is some negative connotation with it but give it 2-3 years and people all over will forget and soon they’ll  sex playing every night. Like I can already hear it in the Frats getting thrown around like “oh me and that brunette went back and sex played till the sun came up” Come to think of it, anything with play after it sounds better, cumplay and analplay are also money.

Former Stock Trader Writes Tell All Book About Working In Finance


  • A female former trader has lifted the lid on Wall St’s shocking sexism
  • Maureen Sherry claims that women at Bear Steams were mocked
  • She revealed how male colleagues mooed at her when she was lactating
  • Ms Sherry also said that her male colleagues once drank her breast milk-DailyMail

Female Stocktrader Complains

I am so conflicted on this story because on one hand I understand that woman are supposed to be in the workplace and shouldn’t be harassed by finance douches but on the other hand is anyone really surprised by this? I am pretty sure this sexism is what fuels our economy. So I am gonna start this off by saying I do think woman should work and can do anything in the workplace but first off lactation jokes are Grade A funny at all times and I don’t wanna hear anything about sexism because those aren’t sexist they are just pure funny. Now my main point is do people not know this is how all great men or businesses operate? Through history all organizations or companies have been primarily made up of white guys farting, being racist/sexist and being immature. America’s fore fathers? Andrew Carnegie and the Vanderbilt’s? Every American President Ever? You know Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would sit around a fire and talk about fucking girls and they’d be mooing at lactating bitches while drinking breast milk and laughing about fucking up those British Fucks. So personally, I think if I was a woman at a firm and I got mooed at because I had milky tits, I would take it as a positive like hey at least my boss running this ship properly. You know what? Even though I don’t think there is any evidence behind this I 100% could make the argument that ever since we have stopped being sexist and racist in the workplace our economy has fallen apart, just check the stock market since 2000.


PS: The only reason I wrote this blog was because I wanted to post this video

Giants Get Murdered By The Redskins Now Tied For First Place

Nov 29, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham (13) scores a touchdown in front of Washington Redskins cornerback Will Blackmon (41) during the second half at FedEx Field. The Redskins won 20-14. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well, That was ugly. The Giants couldn’t do anything and they looked flat out bored with the game of football hence why the Redskins literally ran a train on them yesterday. Yesterday was 100% the worst game of the year because unlike the Eagles MNF game where you were losing to Chip Kelly and Demarco Murray getting shit on by Kirk Fucking Cousins is another story.

The Good: You have Odell Beckham Jr and no-one else does, he does whatever he wants whenever he wants and no-one in the NFL can stop him. He will 10000000000% have 9-12 catches for about 120 and a TD next week versus Revis and there isn’t a thing Bowles and Co can do or say about it.

The Bad: You can’t cover a soul in the secondary and no-one on the offense besides Eli & OBJ is good or can catch the football.

The Bottomline: A rough loss that is flat out disheartening for a team that is still looking to find themselves. Thank god their division is horrendous and they are still the odds on favorite to win the NFC Least and to host a playoff game where Eli can be Eli and carry the load like he’s done in 07 & 11.

Jets Blowout Miami & Keep Season Alive


Jets answered the bell and bounced back with a huge W versus a horrendous fucking team in the Miami Dolphins. Our offense struggled but our defense came to play and killed it and made Tannehill look like a little baby boy. But it doesn’t really matter cause the Jets are still behind Houston for that last Wild Card spot so they just have to continue grinding out wins and pray Houston plays like Houston down the stretch.

The Good: Most people would talk about the fact that our Defense killed Tannehill and put him in our pockets but the biggest takeaway from the game was the fact that Chris Ivory got out of his slump and finished the game with 21 carries 87 yards and a TD and that is huge for our offense going forward.

The Bad: It took a whole half before the Jets Offense could really start hammering away at Miami’s awful defense. You cannot continue to start games flat and get away with it forever. Coming out flat vs New England or the Bengals is a death sentence so Bowles and Co. need to clean it up.

Bottomline: Nothing crazy besides a win versus a shitty team, we’re on to the Giants.


Untitled: Week 27

We delve into Going To The Bars on Amateur Night, Prison Sex, Updates On The Weight Loss Challenge, Old People Facebook and Everything In Between.


Heidi Klum Just Quietly Destroyed Instagram Last Night


CHEEKY INDEED HEIDI!!!!!!! Heidi Klum just casually dropping nukes on Instagram while everyone is just minding their own business preparing for Thanksgiving. That little nazi ass never fucking ages just straight up tight assing it like she’s still 17 and in Berlin. I always wish I was a little older so that I could of enjoyed the golden era of models like I sorta just missed out on Heidi and Tyra Banks just slinging puss all over the stage with the VS wings on. You think Heidi still lets young guys hit it every once in awhile to prove that she is still a bad bitch? Like if I was ever good looking and I divorced from my wife at 45 I would 100% try to fuck every 18 year old within a 30 mile radius. Heidi Klum has so much time to make up after being married to Seal for a decade which was one of the most lopsided coupled in the history of the world.


J Lo’s Ass Destroyed The AMAs Last Night

2EB7B77400000578-3329962-Final_look_J_Lo_went_for_another_body_hugging_dress_as_she_wrapp-a-37_1448255005337 2EB5C1BD00000578-3322683-Go_J_Lo_Jennifer_Lopez_opened_the_American_Music_Awards_in_Los_A-a-20_1448241522731 2EB5DE9E00000578-3322683-image-m-86_1448243713002 2EB7DF9500000578-3329962-image-m-45_1448255228819 2EB5C86A00000578-3322683-image-m-68_1448242457121 2EB6566100000578-3329962-Star_power_The_singer_next_wore_a_flowing_sheer_black_gown_in_a_-m-54_1448256461334 2EB7B17900000578-3329962-image-a-55_1448256471965

She STILL has it! J Lo is like 96 years old and she is still shitting on every innocent popstar and I honestly feel bad for any up and coming pop star trying to compete with the queen. She has to be juicing right? Like in all seriousness there is no way on earth that a 46 year old woman could look like that without the help of some steroids. What I don’t get about J LO is that I don’t think she even likes guys, like I think she could be asexual. When you see Nicki Minaj or Demi Lovato you think hmmm she is definitely a dick wrecker, but with JLO I just think hmmm she is definitely like a robot sent from space to tease guys and to take money from people. She is single which means she has to be a fucking lunatic which is even sexier and she never like sleeps around which makes the legend of JLO grow even more. If I am Bieber this is the my next mission in life, forget about Selena and the Jenners, Fuck JLo and live in infamy forever. LONG LIVE JLO.

The Jets Stink And The Season Is Over

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) is sacked by Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Well the Jets looked like dogshit and honestly I am not really sure who to blame. Devin Smith STINKS, Revis STINKS and honestly I think the team just stinks and that is that. We all kinda knew that the 4-1 start was fools gold but noone wanted to believe it. Now I am not one for zany theories but I legitimately think Tom Brady murdered the Jets. Up until that 4th and 17 play in the fourth quarter at Gillette we were rolling and actually handling the Patriots and once he completed the pass the Jets have flat out sucked dick. Say what you want about Brady but I am pretty sure he ended the Jets season in week 6 and we didn’t even know, like in the end of the Sixth Sense when you find out that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time and that is what this game was. The Jets have been dead since the New England Game and there ain’t no coming back and Houston and TJ Yates just proved my theory right.

The Good: The Jets season is over so now we can move into watch Porzingis and the Knicks stun the NBA.

The Bad: The Entire Jets Team

Bottomline: The Jets Stink and we are done and I think the blame can goto everyone, not just Fitz or Marshall or Revis. It goes to the whole team cause they have stunk at every facet of the game since week 6.