Lady GAGA To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show


LOVE THIS CHOICE, anyone who hates on GAGA is a fucking pickle and I do not wanna hear it. Gaga, at her prime was a MONSTER hit machine and I kinda like the fact that she went off the rails and hung out for awhile and chilled cause it means she was a normal person and not some LA douche. The reason I love Gaga is because she can fucking belt it out vocally and she is going to come out with some ridiculous outfit and I fucking love it. I hope she comes out wearing like one Pepsi can on each eye and that is it completely naked down below Winnie The Pooh style. When Gaga exploded on to the scene she was huge and she had a murderer’s row of smash hits and even in 2013 when she dropped Artpop I was still all in. Here are my top 3 Gaga songs.

3. Applause

2. Bad Romance

  1. Paparazzi


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