Donald Trump Addresses “Miss Piggy”


  • Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?’ Trump tweeted
  • ‘Hillary was set up by a con,’ he said of the former Miss Universe
    Clinton cited Machado as evidence of Trump’s sexism at the end of Monday night’s presidential debate
  • She was filmed having sex with a fellow contestant during a 2005 reality TV show in Spain
  • Also accused of driving a getaway car following an attempted murder, and threatening to kill the judge who indicted her boyfriend for the shooting-DailyMail

So when Hillary mentioned the miss piggy quote during the debates a lot of people were outraged by the fact that Donald would mock a girls weight so severely. Then as the days wore on, people started to research Alicia Machado and then it became more and more clear that she was just like Missy Piggy. It turns out Alicia Machado did anal porn in the 2000s and she was an accomplice to murder but Donald Trump calling her fat was a way bigger deal I guess. So now Donald comes from the CLOUDS tweeting shit like Kanye exposing Hillary Clinton’s fraudulence. Now, my question is if a woman has an anal sextape is she a human? And If she has been an accomplice to murder is she a human? I think there are certain things that you lose your human card for and here is the list of offenses where you lose you’re right to be a human.

  1. Terrorist-If you blow up shit you’re out.
  2. Sextape-If you blow dudes on camera you’re out.
  3. Murder- If you end someones life you’re out.
  4. Strip/Prostitution-If you blow dudes and get paid you’re out.
  5. Rape-If you blow dudes and they don’t want to be blown, you’re out.

Alicia Machado has 2 of 4 qualifications to lose her human card and that is enough for her to officially be Miss Piggy.


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