Gorgeous Muslim Girl Wearing Hijab Featured In Playboy


  • Noor Tagouri, a Libyan American journalist, appears in the October issue
  • Reporter dreams of being first hijab-wearing anchor on national US TV
  • Has campaigned online and in a TED Talk to encourage others to embrace their identities and pursue their dreams
  • Playboy picked her as one of their 2016 Renegades about rule breakers
  • Tagouri’s spread has received backlash but she says she ignores critics-DailyMail

This girl is fucking beautiful but I do not get how people freak out about anything that is in Playboy now. Playboy doesn’t have its fastball anymore, its the Bartolo Colon of magazines, it doesn’t have the nudity and now it relies on deception and wit to move the needle. This Libyan girl is super pretty but I do not get one thing about the hijab, why do young girls wear them? I researched what a hijab is, and I guess it is to signify that this woman is sanctified by one man. So isn’t that kinda fucked up? Like to treat your woman as property and to cover her up like that, ok so lets say you’re into it and you’re 22 years old like this girl if she is single why is she wearing it? Cause she isn’t sanctified by one man, fuck I think I just made my mind explode, I need clarity cause I obviously do not get how this whole Hijab thing works. Every time I see a hijab, I still think of the Curb when LD tries to figure out how a completely covered Muslim woman eats french fries. Does she pull the whole thing down and leave it for after the fry session or does she pull down and pull up with each fry?


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