Cowboy’s Cheerleader Has A WILD Big Toe


I have looked at this pic over and over again and I still do not really get what is going on here. This big toe is the big toe to end all big toes, it is on its own little island out there and I don’t think gravity even applies to that big toe like its just floating out there in orbit. A gross toe can absolutely ruin any human being whatsoever including a smokeshow like this cheerleader. It almost looks like she was born with 6 toes and then the second big toe was removed because it was just too much to bear. I once knew a girl who had the nastiest most beat up feet ever and I legit just couldn’t get those dogs out of my head and it eventually mind fucked me so bad that I had to ghost the whole situation. Now, that girl was cute but not gorgeous like this one so obviously a toe situation on a smoke is a little different but still. There should be some sort of checklist that all people need to complete, like we need to figure out body odor issues, toe problems and all personal hygiene before you should be allowed to go out in public.

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