Tom Hanks Photobombs A Wedding In Central Park


Is Tom Hanks moving into that Bill Murray category? Cause if he is, that is SHOCKING NEWS. I always felt that Tom Hanks was a stiff but for a couple years he is always surprised me with his ability to be a normal dude and to just try to be as humble as possible. Like do you think Brad Pitt would ever stop and muck it up with us simple folk? Not a chance  Him and Leo would walk right by this couple and go fuck 4 Latvian models down at the Soho House and they’d probably steal one of these wedding photographers cameras to take pics during the orgy. Not Hank’s though, he is in that perfect part of life that he can toe the line between superstar and just old dude having fun and he could probably still goto Soho House and just crush pussy at any time cause he is Forrest Gump and you’re not.

PS: Favorite Tom Hanks Movie is Turner & Hooch and it is not debatable.

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