So Can We All Agree Angels In The Outfield Occurred Last Night In Miami?

Just amazing, @deeg5599. #JDF16

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This happened last night and this was flat out unreal to experience and watch. I am a diehard Mets fan and obviously I want to make the playoffs and continue the season but for fucks sake I almost started crying as Dee Gordon went deep 3 pitches into the game last night. It has been truly amazing to see the emotions from EVERYONE in the dugout of both teams and it really just puts it into perspective what kind of guy Jose Fernandez was. Like I don’t think we have ever seen someones death do this, at least not in the last decade and I really do believe that Dee Gordon had some sort of angel looking over him as he swung last night. Dee Gordon never hits home runs or hits for power period and then he’s launching a ball into the upper decks of the biggest ballpark in the MLB? I am not a huge God guy but fuck, last night the Marlins/God beat the Mets 7-3 and if you don’t agree with that you’re a douche period stop. As for the Mets, we gotta win the next two and pray the Giants and Cards do not get hot, but for today lets just enjoy the emotional display we saw last night because it was really something.

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