Rob Kardashian Puts Out Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number


During the debates last night this occurred and I think this is front page news in itself. Rob putting out Kylie’s number is a savage fucking move and I am stunned this doesn’t happen more often. Like the only privacy or thing celebrities really have that no-one but insiders know is their cell phone number and for Rob to just blast out Kylie like this is an absolute head shot. Now the real question is does Kylie respond? If so, how does she? I say her and Tyga go straight up Tupac “Hit Em Up” And Tyga talks about fucking Blacchyna and trannys on a diss track. On a serious note though, how does everyone not bring that up to Tyga or Kylie every second of every interview they do? Like yes Kylie I love your lip kits but you know who loves Transexuals almost as much as I love your lip kits? Your boyfriend Tyga. For now Rob won this battle but do not sleep on Kylie to go for the throat and like murder Rob, because outside of a cell phone number and social media what do the Kardashians have? Like their talent is in that phone and without the iPhone they’re useless its kinda like their Ironman suit and without it they are defenseless.

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