My Takeaways From Last Night’s Debate


What an interesting, wild night. But I cannot lie, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t really duke it out like I thought they would. Unlike others, I actually loved the moderating because they were actually able to interact with one another as oppose to letting the moderator become the middle man and the candidates never speaking 1 0n 1. I thought Hillary got the best of Donald in round 1 but Hillary used every bullet she had Ex: Tax Return, Discrimination Lawsuit, Attacks on Woman, Agreeing With the War In Iraq. So last night, you had Hillary winning the first debate using every piece of ammo she had while Donald didn’t use any of his ammunition Ex: Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s presidency and infidelity. So this sets up for a monster 2nd Debate in mid October and it’ll get way rougher than anything we have ever seen. The reason I think Hillary won the first debate was because she is the polished politician and she just Mayweather’d her way through the 90 mins just slipping punches and letting Donald spin his wheels. While Donald spun his wheels and became frustrated he definitely came off as dumb and unable to make a point and that is a bad look. But on the flip side, am I the only person who doesn’t get how Hillary acts as if she hasn’t been in politics forever? Like she always says “we need to do better”. Ummmmmm haven’t you been at the top of our political system for 20+ years? Where the fuck you been? Thats like me fucking a girl and then being like yeah we need to have better sex…umm I am the problem the sex sucks. So for those at home Hillary is up 1-0 and who knows what Donald has in store next debate.

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