I Still Cannot Believe What Happened To Jose Fernandez, Rest In Peace.


So obviously this news hit the airwaves yesterday and I still do not really believe it happened. Mainly because the Mets were supposed to be playing Jose Fernandez in Miami tonight and I was fully expecting him to throw a near perfect game like he always does versus the Mets. As a Mets fan, I usually hate all our opponents, especially all the pitchers who shut us down but with Fernandez it was different for some reason. I think it was cause we have Harvey, DeGrom, Thor and all our own studs but that is how good Jose Fernandez was. In April I saw Jose Fernandez outduel Noah Syndergaard to a 2-1 victory and I told the girl I was with “yeah Noah is good but the guy they have pitching is a fucking  monster”. That is how good Jose Fernandez was, just think about this every time the Mets played against him we would throw out Harvey, DeGrom, Noah and he’d ALWAYS come out looking superior to our fucking dream staff. When I first heard the news like a lot of people I thought it was a joke but as the morning wore on sadly I realized we had lost a guy who had the whole world right in front of him. His wife was pregnant, he was on pace to probably cash in on a 200+ Million Dollar Contract and he was apart of a revival movement in Miami that looked like they were only a couple pieces away from contending. But sadly, none of this can occur now because as we always learn the hard way, life is fleeting and its just crazy to me that someone with so much talent and grace could be taken away from the world so soon. I have no way to explain why the good ones always get taken but the only thing I do know is you cannot take anything for granted because life is a mystery and you better enjoy it as you get it. Rest In Peace Jose Fernandez.

PS: Mets play in Miami Tonight, bet the house on Miami+1.5.

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