College Kids Are Nose Chugging Now?

Nose Chug #WhitePeopleActivities #DoItForState #StateSnaps

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I am 25 Years Old and 3 years removed from college and to be honest, up until this video I thought I still had what it takes to be a successful college dude. I can drink normally, I know what music is hot in the streets and I know what to wear out to a party but after this video I AM FUCKING OUT ON COLLEGE LIFE. They have 100% surpassed anything I am capable to do, after watching this video I feel like I am the white second basemen who was starting then saw Jackie Robinson take BP and just felt inadequate. Like I have so many questions, how do you do this? Do you hold your breath? Is this even possible? At first I thought this was like a cool hip thing but now I do not even think drinking like this is possible. When I was in college, funneling or shotgunning beers was awesome and a great way to start off the night, but now with this nose chugging thing have beer bongs jumped the shark? If Funneling beers have become not cool, then fuck college and I will send my kid to trade school because a good beer bong was unbeatable and if nose chugging takes its place I might force my kid to be a plumber to save them from this heinous act.

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