YO & The Mets Get Robbed


How’d that ball not go over? How’d Inciarte turn into Usain Bolt to get to the wall so quickly? What the fuck happened last night? I have watched this video 10498482894982920929485757 times and I legitimately do not believe what occurred last night. But in a way last night’s game represented the 2016 Mets, Terry Collins did everything he could possibly do to fuck shit up and guess what? They still had a chance to win with Yoenis at the dish. Of course he doesn’t just ground out and end the game he needs to launch the ball to the right center gap and get robbed of a homerun in the most painful way to end a game possible. Now of course the Giants/Cardinals lost so we didn’t lose any ground in the wildcard race but this is the type of game that ends the Mets, this is the Justin Upton HR Vs Familia in the rain last year. Tonight we are going to see what kind of heart the 2016 Mets have and lets see how they bounce back this weekend vs the Phillies. But I am not gonna lie, having the Mets at -1.5 and watching a game winning/spread covering Hr get robbed for the 27th out of the game is enough to kill a man.

PS: Why does Terry insist on pinch hitting with Campbell and Plawecki? THEY STINK

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