Jon Benet Ramsey’s Brother Burke To Sue CBS After TV Special Claims He did IT!


  • Burke Ramsey’s lawyer L. Lin Wood said they plan to sue CBS after the network aired a special hypothesizing that he killed his sister JonBenet
  • The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey concluded on Monday with an investigator and panel saying Burke was the most likely suspect in her death
  • The group posited that he accidentally killed his sister by hitting her in the head with a flashlight
  • It was alleged that after this, the children’s parents John and Patsy covered up the killing
  • Both Burke and his parents, John and Patsy, denied having anything to do with JonBenet’s death.-DailyMail

Anyone who knows me knows I am practically a JonBenet Ramsey murder expert who goes on Google Sprees once or twice a week just browsing and solving the murder in my head via Wikipedia. So when the CBS special about the murder was being advertised during NFL Football a couple weeks ago I literally got hard thinking about all the investigations and forensic evidence to finally pin the brother down. So once the special aired I legitimately do not think this special really showed anything groundbreaking besides a hysterical Asian investigator. It was done well, I just thought the special would show more evidence and  give you an inside look as to what might of happened because I knew about the Pineapple on the table and Flashlight hypothesis beforehand but it was pretty riveting TV so overall I give the special a 6.9. What the special did do was confirm what all FBI investigators (myself)  knew  and that was that it was clearly the brother Burke who was 9 at the time he murdered his sister and it was the stupid parents who covered it up with the ransom note to shield their son from being the villain. But honestly after watching the special I started to think, How fucking dumb are these parents? Like I would NEVER cover up my 9 year old killing my 6 year old daughter because I do not wanna have to live with that little Ted Bundy Fuck. Now for the brother trying to sue CBS, I totally respect the move, its like when Trump said “Hey I hope Hillary gets better from Pneumonia” It is the move that no-one thinks you would make but once you flip the script and instantly make people’s ears perk up like “HMMMMM maybe he is a good guy after all”. I will say this, If I am the dad of Burke and JonBenet and its been 20 years, I go kill my son for basically ruining my entire adult life by killing my daughter. Like UFC or some Asian fighting network should try to finesse a Ramsey Vs Father Ramsey fight to the death and they do it in Thailand and settle the dispute once and for all. PPV could make that price 5k and I would 100% still buy it and I guarantee all of the world would too.


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