The Game Goes On Wendy Williams Talks Meek Mill Beef & Having Sex With Every Kardashian

The Game is a weird character, because he exploded on the scene with 50 Cent as his mentor and his first album The Documentary was pure fire but now he is just kinda the pot stirrer of the rap game. He obviously has some album on the way because he is doing the media circuit and dropping like a trillion disses towards Meek to get the spotlight but after watching this thing I do not understand one thing. Are we calling Blac Chyna a Kardashian?  The reason I do not think she’s in the original clique of Kardashians is because I don’t even consider her husband Rob a true blue Kardashian. Rob doesn’t like the spotlight, he is fat as fuck and doesn’t care and he doesn’t jerk off to social media so how can this imposter’s wife be a Kardashian? The other thing I do not like about this clip is The Game trying to act like he’s doing a favor to Kanye, if you’re so tough and on national TV to talk about fucking my girl, don’t be a pussy and beat around the bush go do it. Now for the actual honesty of The Game here, OF COURSE this is true. Do you wanna know why I fully believe this? He is a black rapper who has money and is actually retarded, and that is every Kardashian’s wet dream, just look up Tyga, Ray J and Kanye West. I don’t get how people are shocked by news like this. I might be alone in this way of thinking but I just automatically assume that the Kardashians have fucked every rapper or NBA player ever. Like whenever a player comes out of college and rips it up or a new rapper blows up on the scene I assume Kris Jenner is glaring at her tv like with a Walkie Talkie giving orders to her daughters like Kristaps Porzingis’s dressing room is the third on the left GO GO GO GO!!

PS: Wendy Williams is Trans right? Like can we just come out and call it as we see it?


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