Marion Cotillard Stole Brad Pitt From Angelina & Here’s The Movie Trailer To Prove It.

This is almost too obvious, apart of me thinks that Brad and Angelina are getting fake divorced just to promote this movie. I know they always say once a cheater, always a cheater but for fucks sake Brad you need to find a new way to meet girls cause this whole cheat on my girl while on the movie set thing is kinda getting played out. The other thing I don’t get is since when did Marion Cotillard become the hottest girl in Hollywood? I can’t even wrap my head around how sexy she is and how quickly that happened. Like just four years she was the bugged eyed bitch in The Dark Knight Rises and now she’s a stage five warehouse fire. Fucking Hollywood man, it is crazy how much better looking people get just being around Hollywood. Take David Letterman for example, when he was running around Hollywood he was a normal looking dude but since he’s retired and lives in Montana he looks like a gargoyle and that proves that Hollywood was literally holding his physical appearance together with gum and fishing line. My only hope at not being hideous is to move to Hollywood and to just set up a tent outside the Universal Lot and pray some of that good-looking Juju rubs off on this gross face.

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