Justin Forsett Has A Hall Of Fame Twitter Avi


When I first saw this on my timeline I thought to myself “Oh This Guy Is Making Fun Of Cops And He Will Probably Get Fined” But as I clicked on the Avi I saw that this was just Justin Forsett being HILARIOUS. The reason it is so funny is because during these ridiculously sensitive and tumultuous times to be a cop or a minority it is nice to see a guy who is making fun of himself and using a cop motif to do so. Twitter avi’s for athletes are a tough game because if you have yourself in pads people think you’re a tool and probably an ego maniac but if you’re in normal clothes you run the risk of no-one knowing who the fuck you are. I think if I were a professional athlete I would just pull a Dwight Schrute hosting a birthday party and just have my avi be: I am Dean Hunter Player For …..


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