Grandma Getting Crossed Over Is Laugh Outloud Funny

This is legitimately a must watch video and I say that about 2-3 times a year tops. It makes it infinitely funnier that the kid is white because you don’t feel as bad for the grandma; like if this was some giant black dude named Jamaal dunking on Big Momma it would just feel like a car crash but instead this feels like a white kid being hilarious. Now for the Grandma I will say this, don’t try to step to your grandson Aidan if you don’t have the goods to back it up. Now for the fall itself, it was the most Grandma fall in the history of Grandma falls, like her leg just not being able to cut the cheese anymore and she realized it immediately as she began to go down. I will end it with this though, as a kid was there any thing better than going to Grandma’s? That is like the blowjob of childhood, you go into it happy as a clam and you hope it lasts as long as humanly possible but you never really know what you’re gonna end up doing but at the end of it all you hope she makes you a sandwich. Yes I just compared a day at Grandma’s to a Blowjob, this is 2016 overall.

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