Why Do I Love Miniature Cooking Videos So Much?

Over the weekend I went into a complete wormhole over these miniature cooking videos and I don’t really understand why? Like they aren’t hysterical or smart or interesting but I just cannot stop myself from watching them. Leave it to Asians to make a video about cooking so fucking weird yet so interesting at the same time. Now what I don’t get is why I cannot stop watching these videos, is it the small kitchen utensils? Is it the little finished product? Is it the fact that its just weird as fuck but almost so weird that you have to love it? What I do not get is how the fuck they find all these kitchen materials? Or are they actually like making little forks and spatulas specifically for these videos, I have no answers but the only thing I know for sure is I will watch these videos till the end of time. You know the age old question every hack interviewer asks strippers? “What do your parents think about what you do?” Is telling people your child is a miniature cook the worst thing on earth? I legit think I would rather my son be a stripper than be making fucking centimeter long doughnuts and lasagna by himself in Japan.

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