The Chelsea Bomber Found & Arrested


This was great news and it is insane how quickly the cops found this guy and shot him. Well apparently he was found taking a snooze in a hallway which means he’s legitimately the most unaware person on earth. What I don’t get is how the cops found him so quickly? Like is it all because of their ability to get to Twitter and to spread his info around? Like I am trying to get my podcasts @PodcastUntitled @BWFlix off the ground and trying to spread it through social media and it is nearly impossible. Are you saying if I committed a terrorist attack wearing a sweatshirt promoting my podcast we could be trending within 10 minutes?  The other question I have is about pressure cookers, what are they? who buys them? and why do we sell them? I was told that pressure cookers are crock pots for black people and I think it is time we stop selling them period. In all seriousness what a great job by our police force and the guy who reported his location, it really truly is unreal to see how quickly we can fix problems if we all band together and put our mind to it.

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