This Proposal Picture Is A Mystery


So before yesterday’s Redskins-Cowboys game Fedex Field’s Twitter tweeted out this picture and I have SO many questions. First off, this is Fedex Field trolling us right? Like They know this is a laugh out loud funny picture and people will love trying to dissect these two freaks. Now lets start with the guys outfit from the ground up, the flap flip flops  with Redskins tube socks just means he loves DC and you need to respect that. Now the 95 capri Jorts he has on are literally fuego because in case this guy needs to fight (this guys fights everywhere he goes)  he isn’t wearing jeans or khakis or any shoes for that matter so he can just slip off the flip flops and he’s more mobile than Chuck Liddell. Now he is wearing a black jersey and I legit hate black jersey guys, black jersey guys own lizards and do karate and think Korn is still a hot band and this guy absolutely no different. Now if you’re a white guy, is there an age where fitted hats become persona non gratis? Like this guy is 30 and he’s wearing a flat bill like he is LL Cool J in 92, is that acceptable? Cause if it is, I am going to Dick’s and buying 59589202 Mets fitteds and gonna let loose. Now for the girl, she looks pretty normal and is probably thrilled to be engaged to this stud. But the real question is, who the fuck gave them field access? I can barely find Jets tickets and these two are getting field access like their Kirk Cousins’ family? Fuck me man, these juggalos are living better than I ever have.

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