This Doctor’s Procedure Can Enhance Women’s Orgasms


  • Dr Charles Runels injects blood into a patient’s clitoris to ‘heighten feeling’
  • The op also ‘cures post-birth damage, FGM scarring, vaginal eczema’
  • It has not be FDA approved and the medical community claim its freakery
  • But more than 20,000 women who’ve had it say it works-DailyMail

This doctor is really something huh? Has there ever been a guy who has been more wrong than this guy? Girls don’t have orgasms because guys don’t last long enough in bed period stop. Everything on a girl works perfectly if given the proper fuel and fuel obviously being a fully functioning dick for more than one minute. If anything this doctor should figure out how to draw blood from dicks to stop some of the sensation. I will say this though, it is so fitting that the medical community is confused about the efficiency of this clit procedure. FUCKING DOCTORS can’t figure out how a pussy works, so how the fuck are normal dudes named Larry at the local bar gonna try to make you cum?

My top 3 most confusing things on earth are:

  1. The Jon Benet Ramsay Case: Everyday I hit this wikipedia trying to solve it and everyday I become more and more obsessed while understanding less and less of the case. Don’t wanna accuse anyone but its 100% the brother.
  2. Vagina/Clit: Lick, touch, fuck, who the fuck knows how it works and best of all is a girl will never give u any instructions but then be stunned when she hated it.
  3. Breaking Bad Finale: Why didn’t Jesse Pinkman say anything to Walt White when he saves him from the Nazis???!! I literally think about this once a week and I do not get why after like 4774782974 millions of dollars and him risking his life and killing 15 Nazis Jesse can’t throw Walt a simple “Thank You” and end on a good note?


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