Loser Flies From Thailand To Australia & Sits In Rain For 18 Hours For iPhone 7


  • ‘Tom’ Thaphaengphan travelled from Bangkok to Sydney for the iPhone 7
  • The 30-year-old marked a spot on George St at 2pm on Thursday
  • He braved the rain, cold and construction noise for the Friday launch
  • He documented his trip on Facebook and took the opportunity to sightsee
  • Mr Thaphaengphan was part of a 200-strong line but still had a good spot-DailyMail

I legitimately don’t get how people wait for things now, I used to wait for things before the internet was invented. The only thing I will wait for as an adult is drunk food at the end of the night and for the water in the shower to get hot and that is fucking it. As I write this my jet-black iPhone 7 plus is already on its way to my house via UPS and guess what I didn’t fly to New Zealand for it like a fucking pickle. I wish I could of found out about this kid’s journey beforehand cause I would of legitimately flown to Sydney and waited for him to leave the store and then just spike his fucking phone right in his little Asian face. The biggest problem I have with this guy is that he flew half way across the world and wasn’t first in line like a fucking fraud he only had a “good spot”. If you fly and sit in 18 hours of rain for a phone you better fucking be first in line in that bitch, if you ain’t first you last you Asian fuck.

PS: I am Asian and I can make fun of Asian people



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