Jimmy Fallon Messes Up Trump’s Hair

This video is going viral and usually when something goes viral I don’t get the appeal but I will not lie I can watch the Donald’s hair get played with all day. It is truly mesmerizing and I don’t really get why, I think it is cause its the way Fallon looks when he messed with Trump’s hair. Like he couldn’t look any happier, they should sell replica Donald Trump heads that you can just rub your hand through whenever you’re angry and instantly you will start to smile. Now lets get to the hair, its shockingly real right? Like is that the biggest upset of all time? I think upset wise it goes miracle on ice, Chinese Taipai V. Trumbull CT in the LLWS and last but not least Donald Trump not having a rug on his head.  Now it is Hillary’s move, her and her body double are probably freaking out right now about what they can do next to take the shine off Trump. Next week Fallon is probably gonna rub Hillary’s bush on live TV.

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