Jets Win Despite Multiple Attempts To Lose Game V. Bills


Wow, What a fucking game! How Shitty does a Bills fan feel today? The Jets tried to legitimately give Buffalo the game about 4784782345892919 times and they still couldn’t get it done. Before the game I wrote that they needed to get Forte going, let Rex be Rex and don’t have too many penalties and finish drives and other than a couple random moments in the first half they did just that. Matt Forte carried on with his momentum from week 1 and went for 100+ with the 3tds aka finishing drives, while Rex got his a 3945859202 too many men on the field penalty of his career.

The Good: Fitz and Co looked sharp as fuck. They moved the ball at will while Decker, BMarshall and Enunwa looked unreal and in sync with Fitz. When you have 3 WRs with almost 100 yards each you know the secondary has been lit up by Fitzmagic. Another good omen was that those White face masks were legit fucking fire and we need to wear those every week.

The Bad: You cannot win 10 games in this league fumbling and bumbling through a couple quarters each game. The Jets legitimately dominated Buffalo in the second quarter then in the third they looked like the little fucking Giants, if they wanna compete you cannot be fumbling the ball and looking lost out there for a quarter and a half each game.

The Ugly: Revis stinks and I have had a really hard time saying that but I can’t defend him anymore and it breaks my heart to say it but when Marquise Fuckin Goodwin burns you, you should retire immediately.

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