Kim Kardashian Said She Took 6,000 Selfies On A 4-Day Vacation To Mexico


  • She’s known as the selfie queen but Kim Kardashian’s latest claims to the crown almost defy belief.
  • The reality star and mom-of-two said she snapped 6,000 selfies during her four-day stay in the Mexican resort of Punta Mita last month.
  • That works out at a staggering 1,500 photos a day.-DailyMail

Am I the only one that thinks this isn’t this many pictures for someone like Kim K? Like ok 6,000 photos is ridiculous for a normal person but the fact is the Kardashians CANNOT shock anyone at this point, A year ago didn’t Kim say North put an Instagram Pic out of Kim naked? Guess what, I actually kinda believed her because the Kardashian babies come out of that Armenian Pussy with an iPhone 9 Plus ready to become a mogul and to post Instas and snaps. The other thing normal people will not get is being incredibly good looking like the Kardashians, the main reason I don’t take pictures of myself is because I look like a fat foot with arms. Like if I looked like David Beckham you can snap pics of my face all day but thats why a girl like Kim can take 38774613994 pictures and be ok with it, because every pic she takes as non preggo Kim is fire. The real story here is what kind of poor people goto Mexico? I have never believed Kanye was broke until I read this, Mexico is 1 one step away from us seeing Kanye West and Kim taking their kids on Space Mountain in Orlando like two Salvation Army parents.

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