Jets Look To Rebound V. The Bills After Week 1 Loss

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

So tonight the Jets play Rex Ryan and the Bills in a nationally televised game so what could possibly go wrong? I will not tell you a week 2 game can make and break a team’s season but this game tonight can make or break the Jets season. I think we can all agree this team isn’t winning a championship but I think everyone expects them to get to 9 wins. I personally think the team will finish with 7-8 wins because of their schedule being so top heavy during the first 6 weeks. So winning tonight and going 1-1 is key with the Chiefs, Seahawks, Steelers, Cardinals, Ravens all on deck; losing to a Tyrod Taylor led team before the hard part of the schedule would be an atrocity. There are three keys to the Jets winning tonight and here it is.

  1. Finishing drives in the redzone was the reason the Jets were able to get 10 wins in 2015. Last Week versus Cincinnati we just couldn’t get 6 and settled for FGS which leads to blocked field goals and missed kicks which fucked us last week. NEED TO GET 6 ON THE BOARD.
  2. Need to get Forte off the ground and running and continue the momentum he gained last week. When he is clicking and running the ball and catching passes out of the backfield the Jets offense can be very tough to stop.
  3. Wait for Rex to Rex, do not make mental mistakes because he will definitely challenge a play early and end up with 0 timeouts going into the fourth quarter.

If we can do 2/3 things listed above its over, I like the Jets tonight 21-10. Fuck REX.

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