Kevin Harlan’s Call Of Someone Running Onto The Field During MNF Is Mesmerizing.

This is why guys like Harlan, Michaels, Buck and Eagle make the big fucking bucks. A local play by play guy wouldn’t be able to just go right into a touchdown streaker call like that but Harlan just slipped into it like he was Todd Gurley headed for pay-dirt. I just imagine Harlan constantly narrating his entire life even down to him making like a late night PBJ. ” I set up the jars of peanut butter & jam equidistant to my bread as I have each slice of wonder bread split up side by side, I can feel my stomach rumble as I get ready to make my move towards the fixins.”(something like that) I still don’t get why the camera won’t follow the guy running on the field and I really don’t think it will glorify the streaker or entice people to streak even more. We talk about crime all the time on the news and no criminal has ever said: “I robbed that lady at gunpoint cause I saw another guy get so much tv time for his crime”. If I ran MNF or SNF my first move would be to make sure if anyone runs on the field during the game we follow it and the announcers do the play by play and we zoom in when the guy gets tackled by security. There is legitimately no better feeling than when a streaker gets smashed by security and its even better when the streaker jukes a couple security guys out of their shoes so the security gets pissed they eventually line him up and spear him like they’re Edge during Summerslam.

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