Is Diego The Tortoise A SuperHero?


  • Diego has single-handedly saved his Chelonoidis hoodensis species
  • The species had almost died out on an island in the Galapagos archipelago-DailyMail

Some tortoise go and get tortoise jobs and they go on to learn how to tie their shoes, and count by twos but not Diego. This Diego is a five tool tortoise that I would go to bat for anytime, most tortoises would crumble under the pressure of repopulating the entire tortoise planet. I NEED to see Diego’s schedule like do they have one of those 24/7 cameras on Diego just watching him fuck every tortoise pussy within 300 miles. If we’re being honest here I still do not get how the Tortoise population is struggling, who is killing tortoises and why aren’t they fucking enough to sustain their population? Most tortoises are unemployed right? So why are they having trouble, people with no jobs LOVE staying at home and smashing pussy. This youtube video was taken 4 years ago and it’s kinda like watching Tom Brady’s draft video, he wasn’t the best on paper but he had such a tenacity and will to be the best. Now fast forward 4 years and he’s a super tortoise just cock slapping every sexy shell within 30000000 miles. God Speed Diego.



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