Did The Mets Replay Game 5 Of The World Series Last Night Versus The Nationals? Except We Actually Won This Time


What the fuck was that? I mean seriously was last night the fifth game of the World Series minus the Royals plus that fuckface Daniel Murphy led Nationals. Seriously, we were up by two runs the whole game with our ace on the mound in a crucial game and Jeurys Familia came in to close it out in the ninth. But as all Met fans know the Mets can rarely just win a big game going 1-2-3 in the ninth so Familia came in having been lights out for the last month so what could possibly go wrong? Well everything went wrong pretty quickly, Daniel “Benedict” Murphy got it going with an infield single then Bryce Harper hit a grounder to third which Reyes then sailed the ball halfway to Toledo while James Loney had T-Rex Arms and let the ball fly into the stands and it just continued the rest of the inning till the Nationals tied the game at 3 and went to extras. But this time TJ Rivera yacked a Homer in the 10th and Blevins closed out the game to give the Mets a huge 4-3 win in Washington. But seriously what the fuck was that? This is a game that the Mets have lost a trillion times in my life and this time we just didn’t. I have never bought into the 2016 Mets mainly because of the injuries and just overall shitty play but after tonight I am convinced we are winning it all. I already bought my playoff tixx, we signed god (Tebow) and if we have Jesus Christ on our team and on our side can we ever be stopped?

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