Donald Trump Wants No Moderator At The Debates


  • Donald Trump said he’d like to do away with debate moderators and simply engage in a one-on-one discussion with Hillary Clinton.
  • “The fact is that they’re gaming the system. I think that maybe we should just have no moderator. Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate,” Trump said in a phone interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday morning.-CNN

This is a classic move by the Donald! It is genius because he is already setting up the excuses for if Hillary beats him in the debates. Kinda like when kids started playing organized sports there was always one kid that would say he is better on the playground than on the organized field and that is what this is. If Donald loses he could give you the “I Told You It Was Rigged” excuse and then if he wins he could use the “I Persevered In Spite Of A Rigged System”. The thing with Donald is he is a master at controlling the narrative because even when most of the media hates him he still controls all the headlines and he is smart enough to know the power he has. So lets say years down the line when one day they don’t have a moderator at a presidential election an 85 year old Donald will come out and say “I Was YEARS Ahead Of Everyone” so once again Donald will get his shine. But let’s get to our presidential debates cause they are absolute bullshit, the definition of a debate is two camps arguing points with one another, not two groups of people talking to Matt Lauer who then talks to the other camp about what the other person said. I think our debates should be Biathlon style, like they debate with no moderator for about an hour then they have to get thru an obstacle course set within the white house to hit the Nuke codes, best time wins. Next, they need to pick off people from the top of the White House with a sniper rifle and depending on the accuracy of each candidates shot it will decide the winner. After reading that, yes I pretty much want to make our presidential election be decided by a political version of GUTS/Legends Of The Hidden Temple.








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