Bell Biv DeVoe Are Back With A Brand New Single!

Bell Biv DeVoe coming in hot on a Monday Afternoon and I haven’t been this excited about a reunion since Will Smith announced a world tour with Jazzy Jeff. I feel like this is one of those moments where you go “Oh Fuck I am Old” I asked a couple friends about BBD’s new single and one of my younger friends goes who the fuck is that? Now Bell Biv DeVoe is obviously no Tribe Called Quest or Naughty By Nature but back in the day they had some HEATERS. I once got into an argument with an ex about BBD’s greatest song “Poison” and we argued for 5 HOURS because she legitimately said that the song was an early NSYNC song and not BBD. Now I have never hit a woman but my gosh this was such a giant turn off that I almost punched her nose to the back of her head. I get BBD is washed up but this new single sneaky bangs pretty hard and I am sucker for smooth 90s R&B beats so I give the reunion single a 7.1.

PS: You’re Welcome

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