Bill Cosby Calls Sex “Sex Play” And That Needs To Catch On


So Bill Cosby is obviously the worst raper on earth and he needs to be in jail forever but as I have watched the coverage the story has received I have noticed that several people have quoted Cosby calling sex “Sex Play” and I fucking love it. Like say what you want about Cosby being a scumbag but this sex play thing is great. Kinda like when the word “cool” got hot, like everyone kinda knew like hmmmm this is a mt rushmore word cause it describes everything and that is the potential that Sex Play has. I know there is some negative connotation with it but give it 2-3 years and people all over will forget and soon they’ll  sex playing every night. Like I can already hear it in the Frats getting thrown around like “oh me and that brunette went back and sex played till the sun came up” Come to think of it, anything with play after it sounds better, cumplay and analplay are also money.

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