Jets Blowout Miami & Keep Season Alive


Jets answered the bell and bounced back with a huge W versus a horrendous fucking team in the Miami Dolphins. Our offense struggled but our defense came to play and killed it and made Tannehill look like a little baby boy. But it doesn’t really matter cause the Jets are still behind Houston for that last Wild Card spot so they just have to continue grinding out wins and pray Houston plays like Houston down the stretch.

The Good: Most people would talk about the fact that our Defense killed Tannehill and put him in our pockets but the biggest takeaway from the game was the fact that Chris Ivory got out of his slump and finished the game with 21 carries 87 yards and a TD and that is huge for our offense going forward.

The Bad: It took a whole half before the Jets Offense could really start hammering away at Miami’s awful defense. You cannot continue to start games flat and get away with it forever. Coming out flat vs New England or the Bengals is a death sentence so Bowles and Co. need to clean it up.

Bottomline: Nothing crazy besides a win versus a shitty team, we’re on to the Giants.


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