Heidi Klum Just Quietly Destroyed Instagram Last Night


CHEEKY INDEED HEIDI!!!!!!! Heidi Klum just casually dropping nukes on Instagram while everyone is just minding their own business preparing for Thanksgiving. That little nazi ass never fucking ages just straight up tight assing it like she’s still 17 and in Berlin. I always wish I was a little older so that I could of enjoyed the golden era of models like I sorta just missed out on Heidi and Tyra Banks just slinging puss all over the stage with the VS wings on. You think Heidi still lets young guys hit it every once in awhile to prove that she is still a bad bitch? Like if I was ever good looking and I divorced from my wife at 45 I would 100% try to fuck every 18 year old within a 30 mile radius. Heidi Klum has so much time to make up after being married to Seal for a decade which was one of the most lopsided coupled in the history of the world.


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