J Lo’s Ass Destroyed The AMAs Last Night

2EB7B77400000578-3329962-Final_look_J_Lo_went_for_another_body_hugging_dress_as_she_wrapp-a-37_1448255005337 2EB5C1BD00000578-3322683-Go_J_Lo_Jennifer_Lopez_opened_the_American_Music_Awards_in_Los_A-a-20_1448241522731 2EB5DE9E00000578-3322683-image-m-86_1448243713002 2EB7DF9500000578-3329962-image-m-45_1448255228819 2EB5C86A00000578-3322683-image-m-68_1448242457121 2EB6566100000578-3329962-Star_power_The_singer_next_wore_a_flowing_sheer_black_gown_in_a_-m-54_1448256461334 2EB7B17900000578-3329962-image-a-55_1448256471965

She STILL has it! J Lo is like 96 years old and she is still shitting on every innocent popstar and I honestly feel bad for any up and coming pop star trying to compete with the queen. She has to be juicing right? Like in all seriousness there is no way on earth that a 46 year old woman could look like that without the help of some steroids. What I don’t get about J LO is that I don’t think she even likes guys, like I think she could be asexual. When you see Nicki Minaj or Demi Lovato you think hmmm she is definitely a dick wrecker, but with JLO I just think hmmm she is definitely like a robot sent from space to tease guys and to take money from people. She is single which means she has to be a fucking lunatic which is even sexier and she never like sleeps around which makes the legend of JLO grow even more. If I am Bieber this is the my next mission in life, forget about Selena and the Jenners, Fuck JLo and live in infamy forever. LONG LIVE JLO.

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