Giants Lose Statement Game Versus The Patriots


I have no dog in this race and I don’t like either team but holy fuck do I love watching the Giants Pats. It is easily the best mini rivalry in sports in the last 10 years and there is no discussion about it. Eli balls out, Brady is Brady and every time it comes down to the wire and yesterday was no different with the Pats winning a thriller 27-26 over Big Blue.

The Good: Eli is still Eli, I know he looks goofy at times and I get that he will make some boneheaded plays but when it is time to nut up Eli always comes to fucking play, he finished yesterday 24/44 361yds and 2 TDs and what else could you ask for versus the best team in the NFL. Lastly, the defense and most importantly the pass rush kinda got it going last night, JPP looked very comfortable and he got to Brady and for the most part they did their job.

The Bad: Clock Management in the redzone right before the go ahead FG. Gotta burn at least a minute off the clock and make the Patriots use their final timeout. This team would be 7-3 with good clock management skills and you can’t leave Ws on the field in the NFL. Lastly, hey OBJ stop fucking dancing and catch the ball when Eli drops a dime right in your damn hands to go ahead by a TD with 2 mins left, I know Butler made a great play and it was super close but jesus hold on the fucking ball, a little less dancing and whipping a little more td catching.

Bottomline: Giants can play with anyone, clean up the mistakes and pray you get healthy and you will easily win the NFC Least and host a playoff game.


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