The Finding Dory Trailer Has Me All Jazzed Up

So finally after all the rumors Pixar drops their trailer for Finding Nemo 2 aka Finding Dory. I am really pumped for this after seeing the trailer and seeing my main bitch Dory again but I cannot even lie, Not naming it Finding Nemo 2 is a mistake. I know they are not Finding Nemo in this one but still you gotta stick with your bread and butter and Finding Nemo 2 is the only name choice. Not going to lie, I know people love their Nemo and Dory but for what its worth I do not get how the Incredibles 2 has not come out yet. Like the script cannot be hard to write, just make another action movie and have a super hero family save the day. Making Finding Dory has to be way more complicated and intricate to think of a storyline and to make a believable way for Dory to get away from the gang. Now lets me think about this, what is weirder going to Finding Dory alone at 24 or going to a Bieber Concert at 24? At first, I think the Bieber show but then the more I think the more going to see a kids movie alone is flat out serial killer stuff but who knows.

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