The Fake Outrage This Week Has Been Great

Starbucks_Red_Holiday_Cups_2015-1 starbucks-xmas-cup

CUPGATE was having people lose their fucking minds this week and I love it. I love chaos and fake outrage with stuff like this. Like I thought I was in a dream world, I couldn’t believe people were legitimately losing their minds because fucking snowflakes are not on piece of shit coffee cups anymore. If snowflakes and christmas trees are that important to you, just shut the fuck up and stop going to Starbucks because lets be honest they are basic cups of shitty burnt coffee anyway.

Now on to TREEGATE

First it was this






So for those of you who are living in NY you most likely saw the social media frenzy that went on because of a local mall’s santa picture display. Let me preface this by saying I am catholic and I love tradition and I love Christmas. With that being said, just because assholes want to be PC at a mall and not have any Christmas stuff out for pictures doesn’t mean the spirit of Christmas is dead. If you are a huge Xmas tree fan and you love Xmas (just like I do) then go have a huge Xmas party and take all the pics of your kids and go spend time with your family because that is ultimately what Xmas is about. One last thing, I really don’t think the parents of Long Island care that much about this shit. If I am a dad who has a 3,6 and 7 year old and I need to take my kids for their Xmas pictures with Santa, do you think I am crying because they didn’t have Xmas trees everywhere? No, Santa could be perched atop a 12 foot dildo and I would just throw them up there and not even miss a beat. You know what is being destroyed worse than Xmas year after year? And that is Parents souls that are being destroyed as their little kids harass them and take pics with fucking Santa as they bitch and moan to their dad. At the end of the day, Christmas isn’t about fucking coffee cups or santa displays, Christmas is about loving those bratty kids and sharing some moments with your family. I don’t give a fuck if Starbucks or a PC Mall company wants to kill that because it will not happen. #TeamJesus




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