I Can Look At Pictures Of Trump’s Houses All Day Long

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  • Donald and Melania Trump’s 66th floor penthouse in Trump Tower offers stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan skyline and is valued at $100 million
  • Its three stories feature floors, walls and columns covered in marble while crown molding, glasses, platters, vases and lamps are gold
  • A statue of Eros & Psyche is in the apartment along with Greek vases lining a white marble fireplace
    The luxurious penthouse on Fifth Avenue appears to take inspiration from the Palace of Versailles
    Trump, 69, developed the property and it was completed in 1983.
  • He also owns Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida-DailyMail

Trump’s Houses Are Fire

Say what you want about Trump or the GOP party in general but for fucks sake do not tell me those places don’t make you jealous of TrumpLife. Now after seeing those pics I am just trying to understand why on fucking earth Trump would want to be president. I am not even talking about the job and the stress of being president, I am talking about who the fuck would choose that old piece of shit White House over a fucking solid gold penthouse in NYC? Now I am thinking that if Trump won the presidency that he would 100% make Mar-A-Lago the White House South during the harsh winter right? I know people are bitching about Trump’s attitude and platform during his campaign but there is no reason to bitch about his campaign or opinions because he honestly hasn’t really said anything during his presidential run. I honestly do not understand how people hate him because his platform is AMERICA IS THE BEST. How do people hate on that? I love this rhetoric that he is a trust fund baby and not a businessman, YES he inherited anywhere from 40-100 million from his father. But now he is worth around 4 billion and if that is a lazy trustfund baby then fuck maybe trustfund babies are smarter than we give them credit for. Oh and people will read this and say “Well he had great management and smart advisors who did the work for him” Yes that is what all good businessmen or industry leaders do, they delegate power and give smart people responsibility and that is a huge asset in itself.


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