So I Saw The New James Bond Movie “Spectre” Over The Weekend


Let me preface this blog by first saying I am a huge Bond fan. Loved Connery and I hated Brosnan and so far besides Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig has been electric as bond especially since Sam Mendes started directing. I saw Spectre and I genuinely enjoyed the movie though at times it felt long winded and drawn out (Movie is 2.5 Hours). One of the coolest things about the movie was that it feel like a Bond Movie and I know that sounds dumb but one of the biggest problems with Bond throughout the Brosnan era was that most of those movies just felt like action movies with an english accent. Mendes thoroughly keeps it a bond film and I know Spectre was obviously not the best Bond ever but it definitely did the franchise justice. Spectre is like a solid 7-8 sorority girl, you know exactly what you’re getting, A sweet, caring, basic, long winded and at times downright boring girl who likes to Suck D so that erases all the bad. Spectre gets an 7.6

PS: Sam Smith’s Bond Song stunk, so that gets a 0.0

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