Jets Get A Sloppy Win Versus Jacksonville


Well, the game wasn’t pretty and the Jets looked inept at times (especially Cro) but ultimately the Jets took care of business and beat the Jags 28-23.

The Good: Fitz looked good enough and didn’t play like someone who was injured. Sheldon Richardson is a freak, his stats might not show it but he’s making plays on the QB then he’s making a tackle 30 yards down field on a skinny post, I don’t care how dumb he is, he is an absolute fucking baller.

The Bad: The Secondary looks absolutely stunning at times then they look like a high school team. The bottomline is that Cromartie has stunk this year and he nearly killed us with getting burned for a deep td before half yesterday. Another gaping hole in this team is the fact that for a month now our rushing attack stinks, we need to get Ivory going or our season will be over. Ivory is our offense and he needs to pick up the blocks to get this offense going and to take the pressure off Fitzmagic.

Bottomline is we need to get past this Jacksonville game and focus on Buffalo on a short week. Buffalo is back to bullying people and we need to run the ball down their throats and get to Tyrod Taylor and if all goes well we will be 6-3 going into week 10 lets fuckin go.


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