Matt Harvey Is Already Back To Banging Vickie’s Finest


Matt Harvey has found the perfect medicine to give his flagging spirits a boost after he and the Mets blew the World Series on Sunday night — hot blond Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, Page Six has learned. The hunky Amazin’s hurler, 26, was spotted Monday at a swanky CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund afterparty at the trendy Gordon Bar at Sixty Soho with the 21-year-old stunner.-NYPOST

Matt Harvey Back At It

I LOVE THIS, the Mets need this so badly right now too. I want all of the Mets staff to begin fucking these Victoria Secret’s Angels. Like I wonder if these girls know that the Dark Knight literally looks at them like a piece of meat. Like Matt Harvey has ran through about 99 of these bitches and he isn’t even close to done. Usually I am against my star players getting wifed up this is a totally different story, the difference is Matt just treats them like a piece of gum, he uses them, gets his fill and they part ways. Harvey probably doesn’t even throw these girls a towel after he gives them the Peter North treatment. But enough banter lets get into the nitty gritty and I hope it’s not just me but this Devon Windsor chick girl is kind of a weird looking model, she’s obviously smoking hot but I can’t put my finger on it so decide for yourself.

PS: Devon is a SNEAKY HOT name for a girl. I have no idea why and I don’t know any Devons but that definitely is a sexy name.

devon windsor Devon+Windsor+Victoria+Secret+Runway+Show+gH2oD9o5dMOl 5-devon-windsor-fb devon-windsor-model-5

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