Knicks Hang Tough But Ultimately Lose To Cavs 96-86


So I watched the Knicks-Cavs Showdown on ESPN last night and you know what? I love what I saw from my Knickerbockers and most importantly I love their fucking energy. Here are my three takeaways from last night’s game versus Cleveland.

  1. Their effort is superb, I know that sounds bad but lack of effort and energy has been one of the biggest flaws of the Melo led Knicks. This team has the effort and tenacity to not be a pushover, Even fucking Melo is grabbing boards and making an effort. Galloway is picking up right where he left off last year and I think overall Fisher and Phil have this team slowly buying in.
  2. Kristaps Godzingis is the fucking real deal. When he is on the court the team looks so fluid and crisp on defense and when he is on the block he looks like he knows whats going on out there. As a rookie coming into the NBA that is all you should be wanting out of your rookie, you want him to know whats going on defensively and you want him to not slow down the offense and that is what Porzingis has done for the Knicks. I really do believe that if he begins to mature and get bigger he can blossom into a real life baller. All he needs to do is stop fouling every play and keep progressing.
  3. The Cavs didn’t take the Knicks seriously at all last night, the first half they were sleepwalking and it almost bit them in the ass because the Knicks stayed with them every step of the way. Through the first 5 games this year you can already tell that no one will take this Knicks team seriously and that plays into their hand because before these teams know it they will have Melo and Godzingis making it rain right in their fuckin face.

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