Greg Hardy Signing 100$ Bills Is So Greg Hardy


Have people reported this? Like I don’t get how this wasn’t the top news story on Monday. This move is fucking ELECTRIC, I think this is like the new move for being a cocky millionaire, like I would start signing all types of currency and throwing it around. Like what’s cooler getting a signed football by Eli Manning or getting a 1000$ Peso signed By Eli Manning? I don’t know what this says about where my life is going but I love literally everything about Greg Hardy, the guy absolutely fucking balls on the field and he is certifiably insane. Yes he is a wife beater and a heartless scumbag but honestly who gives a fuck? I don’t look at athletes to be my moral compass I want them to be fucking MONSTARS. That is why I was sad when baseball took steroids out of the game because I love seeing big juice heads go put a ball into orbit then an inning later not get a call at first and go throw a cooler 284990303 feet into the field. I love chaos and that is what Greg Hardy is, he is an homage to a simpler more juiced up scummy brand of sports. Hardy Gonna Hardy.


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