Fire on fire on fire on fire on more fire. Just straight flames everywhere and yes I already bought mine because that is what go-getters do. They see something and they go out and get it. I might buy 6 of them and just wear them all the way thru the winter. The Hotline Bling Video was just Drake being Drake but what made that Hotline Bling video so funny was the way Black Twitter ran with it. I am such a fan of BT and I need to know how to get involved in Black Twitter because they just do Twitter better than us White Folk. I just Like how BT uses the word “Lit” or how they like make every emoji cool as fuck. I honestly started using the Hear, See and Speak no evil monkey emoji just because Black Twitter made them look so cool. If you listen to my podcast Untitled we have definitely started using the hashtag #CFE which stands for Crying Face Emoji. Black Twitter over everything.

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