Terry Collins Gets A Two Year Deal

8/26/13 - Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets at Citi Field - New York Mets manager Terry Collins #10 reacts in the dugout during tonight's game.

So Terry gets a two year deal after taking the Mets to the World Series and all Mets fans expected this because it was the only move to make. Listen, Terry has his moment’s but I don’t think managers really have that big of an impact on the game. Will Terry leave Hansel Robles in a game too long in August and we will lose cause of that? YES 100% but that is MLB all managers. Even KC fans will tell you that Ned Yost at times is the worst manager in baseball. The Terry Collins legacy will be made or broken this offseason and that is dependent on the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson and has really nothing to do with Terry. Terry’s tenure will be judged on whether or not the Wilpons reloaded in the 2015 Offseason. If they go fortify the bullpen and go get a Ben Zobrist or Jason Heyward and Terry can’t get them to another World Series with this Starting pitching then that will be his demise. If they let Yoenis and Murphy walk and don’t spend a dime on personnel then he will be known as a lame duck manager with really none of it being his own doing. Fuck My Life Lets Go Mets

PS: That is how I am finishing every Mets Post I write from now to eternity.

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