Sandy Alderson Collapses During Press Conference


  • While meeting with reporters to announce Terry Collins’ new two-year contract with the Mets, general manager Sandy Alderson collapsed at Citi Field Wednesday.
  • The 67-year-old became pale while answering a question about Juan Lagares visiting a doctor later in the day and fell to the floor.
  • He was briefly out but recovered quickly and continued answering questions.-DailyNews

Well there it is folks! This is the beginning of the end, forget about everything, this means we aren’t doing a damn thing in the offseason. Bye Daniel Murphy and Yoenis and bye bye Mets playoff games. Alderson fainting is 100% a sign that he is been up till 3 am for three days straight trying to convince the Wilpons of spending money and they are not having any of it. I am sorry today is just Mets news but this fucking team NEVER makes it easy. We should have been able to enjoy the World Series run but instead we are speculating whether or not our owners like winning baseball or not. What fucking planet am I on?

Fuck My Life, LETS GO METS.


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