Should I Make A Trip To Mets Spring Training?


So still getting over the Mets losing the World Series I have started to ponder about the teams future in 2016 and I wondered if me making a trip down to Port St. Lucie is even worth it. Like will I 100% curse the team if I go down and watch the Metropolitans battle the grapefruit league in March? Is spring training even fun to goto? I picture it being similar to like a sweet 16, it is fun in theory but then once you get there you realize there is a weird ratio of old people to young kids just trying to get hand jobs. Like Im serious I might go but then I really do think we will go really far and just make like 2000000 errors in game 7 of the World Series just to spite me and murder me. Then I also think that no matter what the Mets will just fucking break my heart anyway so I might as well have a good time and enjoy my life anyway and go get autographs and watch my Mets go do their thing.

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