Daniel Craig Rejected 50 Million From Samsung Because He Thinks Androids Stink


  • Daniel Craig ruled out $50million deal for James Bond to use a Samsung Android phone in Spectre because the actor believed 007 would only use ‘the best’
  • South Korean firm tabled bid to be the exclusive vendor for latest Bond film
  • Sony also offered $18million for similar deal to use its Android smartphone
  • But Craig and director Sam Mendes did not feel phones were good enough
  • Leaked e-mail: They don’t like Sony phone for the film. It is not the ‘best’-DailyMail

James Bond Is Team iPhone

I LOVE THIS MOVE. Let’s be real, Samsung stinks, Galaxies stink, if you’re not team iPhone you probably pat down your pizza with a napkin. Turning down 50 Million is maybe the biggest Team iPhone thing you can do and I agree. Bond would never be rocking a fucking a Samsung Note or a Sony Ericson piece of shit. This is what iPhone haters do not get, it has nothing to do with the specs of the phone or what the phone is capable of doing, it has to do with being a winner vs being a loser. Apple is for winners and people who just try to be normal and galaxies are for people who need to be different and contrarian and those people are usually total know it alls. I don’t know about everyone else but I sneaky love Daniel Craig as Bond, LOVED Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace stunk, then ever since Sam Mendes started directing it has 100% changed the franchise for the better. Skyfall was a fucking blast and an overall fun movie and Spectre looks great as well, I have high hopes but now my expectations are even higher after seeing this team iPhone move.


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