Mets Lose The World Series


First off, congrats to the Royals and the people of Kansas City, I have spent a ton of time there and it is a great town with great people and they 10000% deserved to win. Now on to the fucking piece of shit franchise known as the New York Metropolitans. They stunk, we literally gift wrapped the World Series and gave it to KC, Murphy with a trillion errors, Wright not understanding he plays third base and not short, Duda not being able to make a little league throw to home and our manager mistaking Tyler Clippard for Mariano fucking Rivera. What I need to talk about is the fact that there are too many Mets fans that are still happy today. Listen, this Mets season was fun and exciting and they gave us a great run that ultimately fell short but I am not a moral victory guy and there are only winners and losers and no one gives a shit about second place and thats what the Mets are in 2015. Do not give me the “our pitching is young and great therefore we will win next year” FALSE, we can’t fucking hit and I have no faith that once we lose Cespedes, Duda and Murphy that the Wilpons and Sandy can spend money and piece a contending team together. There were a few bright spots in this series, Flores really played shortstop well after the Tejada slide and I feel comfortable with him going forward, now I’m not saying he’s a stud but he’s serviceable for now. Conforto really could have a bright future if he just keeps maturing and shortens up that swing a little he could be in our outfield for a long time. Lastly, the Royals were 2/18 off Familia, he’s still lights out he just got put in horrible situations with the a horrible defense behind him. So thats that, last night was one of the most painful sporting events I have ever watched; we had Harvey absolutely dealing and cruising going all 9 and in a way last night was the Mets history in a nutshell. Leading the whole way until when it was crunch time and the other team just snagged the W right out of the Mets grasp. Fuck My Life, Let’s Go Mets. Congrats KC



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